Soothe, Calm, and Moisturize with Our Eco-Friendly Natural Skin Balm

Our natural skin balm is the perfect solution for those looking to calm redness, soothe irritation, and moisturize dry, flaky skin. Here’s why our balm is a must-have:

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Made with only the highest quality natural ingredients and is free from harmful chemicals, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. Our packaging is also 100% recyclable and made from sustainable materials.

Gentle on Sensitive Skin

Specially formulated to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin. We use only natural ingredients that nourish and protect your skin, without causing irritation or discomfort.

Calms Redness

Our skin balm is designed to calm redness and irritation, thanks to our unique blend of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. Whether you’re dealing with rosacea, eczema, or just general skin irritation, our balm can help soothe and calm your skin.

Soothes Irritation

Great for soothing general skin irritation, such as itching or dryness. With our nourishing blend of natural oils and butters, your skin will feel soft, smooth, and comfortable.

Moisturizes Dry, Flaky Skin

Our skin balm is formulated to provide deep hydration to dry, flaky skin. With our rich blend of natural oils and butters, your skin will feel moisturized and nourished, without feeling greasy or heavy.

Transform Your Skin with Our Natural Skin Balm

If you’re looking for a natural solution for calming redness, soothing irritation, and moisturizing dry, flaky skin, look no further than our eco-friendly natural skin balm. With our gentle, nourishing formula, you can transform your skin and achieve the healthy, glowing complexion you deserve.

Organic apricot kernel oil infused with homegrown calendula for healing Lavender flowers for their  antimicrobial properties, chamomile to help itch, chickweed to help rashes and oat straw to moisturise. This is infused for 6 weeks and then strained and blended with pure beeswax, organic coconut oil, Shea butter and Lavender essential oil.
This balm is great for dry patches, cuts, scrapes and burns.


100ml, 50ml, 70ml compostable tube

5 reviews for One for all Balm

  1. Breda

    Lynn is amazing and so are her products. I love them and will be back for more

  2. Melissa

    Have been using this about 2 weeks. My hands drink it in. A small bit goes a long way. And it doesn’t remain oily for too long, it soaks in. I also received a sample to try of a mint cleanser which was lovely too. Really refreshing. Thank you for lovely products.

  3. Heather

    This moisturising balm is intense and really soothing. I ordered the softer version as I have eczema and I am finding it is healing the broken skin, taking the pain away as well as just moisturising. Another product for reordering!

  4. Roisin

    We absolutely adore this balm and use it for everything from soothing baby’s bum to cuts, sores and skinned knees. I don’t think I could be without it now to be honest. Top quality products that really work!!

  5. Eve (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product, got it as a gift for my mam and she swears by it! Helps sooth itchy hands and highly moisturizing, thank you Lynn.

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One for all Balm

Chamomile calms itch, Calendula heals the skin, Lavender to prevent infections, Colloidal Oats moisturise, Chickweed soothes inflammation

It can be used on everything from cuts and burns to stings and dry skin

(5 customer reviews)