Consultation with Lynn
Hi, my name is Lynn and I would love to introduce you to my business Natures Alchemy – Sensitive Skincare Inspired by Nature…

Natures Alchemy stems from my own personal battle with sensitive skin and my love of plants. I have suffered for years with psoriasis and two of my three children suffer with eczema. It gave me my ‘why’, to help ease sensitive skin issues for every single customer and helps me in the design of new products. People with sensitive skin don’t want anti aging this or anti wrinkle that. They just want healthy skin, skin that doesn’t itch or burn that’s not dry and flakey.

Skin that they can comfortably live in.

pruning the herbs

So in 2018 I decided that I would try a new method to help my sensitive skin.

I began to look at the long lists of ingredients in each product and realised that when you are dealing with so many there is a bigger chance of having a reaction. I began to try different natural ingredients individually to see how our skin felt about them.

Once I knew what ingredients our skin liked I took some short natural skincare workshops. I began to experiment with combining them to come up with recipes for different products I needed and I also took some natural skincare workshops.

When Covid hit I had to close my established childminding business for 5 months. This gave me the opportunity to get a qualification in natural skincare. Doing this helped me fill the long hours where I had nothing to do as a mum of 3

The Covid lockdown also gave me the chance spend much needed time in my garden. I began to explore the world of foraging and to grow anything I could get my hands on. This reawakened my long buried love of plants and their healing powers.

At this stage our skin had greatly improved and many family and friends had been my Guinea pigs. However a nasty burn, some stubborn splinters and a pair of disgusting feet later (stories for another day!) helped me discover the powerful healing properties of plants. I know them that I needed to include plants in any future products.

So in September 2021 I enrolled in the apprenticeship In community herbalism with The Plant Medicine school. I knew this would add that next layer of healing and protection to my products. As a community herbalist I can custom make products for a peoples personal skincare needs.

filling the serum

All the products I make are things I have needed in my own life for one reason or another. They are handmade in small batches with a minimal number of high quality ingredients. We try to be as sustainable as possible, packaging can be refilled or composted. Our skin had never looked or felt as healthy and the feedback i receive daily continues to blow my mind and helps me to keep my ‘why’, firmly centred in the framework of my business.

Our Ethos
“Sensitive skincare inspired by nature helping to heal and protect your skin and the planet one product at a time.”

To support this ethos, our products all come in Plastic free, reusable packaging and are filled with natural, sustainable and ethical ingredients.